The Predator

Predator is book three in the Munro Family Series. Brandon could not admit that he had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and this cause him to separated from the woman he loves Alex. Alex Cavanaugh (Munro) did not tell Brandon that she had his son. Alex thought that she would never need to tell Brandon. However, this was not the case due to Brandon transferring into Australian Federal Police High Tech Operations Team where Alex works and puts Alex into a spin.

Predator takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride about how Brandon Munro won his wife Alex Cavanaugh back and his son Sam. Also, entwined with the renew romance between Alex and Brandon is the investigation by Australian Federal Police High Tech Operations Team into who is grooming young girls on the Internet.


The readers of Predator with love the way he bubbling romance between Alex and Brandon and the twist and turns are intertwined throughout the book. The conclusion of Predator and the identity of the person who is preying on young people will be a surprise and shocked to the readers.

I love the way Chris Taylor portrays her characters. Also, how she writes about social and community issue in a way that hopefully, will ensure that people start to think about ways to protect kids from Internet predators.

The predator also entwines other members of the Brandon family highlighting the importance of having families to support you in the time of trouble.

Readers of Predator would learn about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it affects the suffers. Also, the readers will learn about the great work of the Australian Federal Police High Tech Operations Team.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Australian romantic suspense.

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The Investigator


The Investigator is the second book in the Munro Family Series, and like all ten books in the Munro Family Series, I was unable to put the book down! You need to have a box of tissues next to you when you read this book.

Kate Collins lived in England due to her worries about her Mother came back to Watervale in New South Wales. Riley Munro ended up in Watervale due to a problem he had in Sydney.

Kate and Riley collided when Kate came to make a missing person report at the Watervale Police Station. Readers of The Investigator will go on a roller coaster ride with the twist and turns in the investigation into the disappearance of Kate’s Mother entwine with the bubbling romance between Kate and Riley. Readers of  The Investigator will be surprised and shocked with the conclusion of this book.

I think it is wonderful that Chris Taylor weaves the Munro indigenous heritage by making the Munro twins Clayton and Riley look like one of their parents. Riley is tall, dark, handsome and Clayton “Profiler” is big, blonde and beautiful. I like the way Chris Taylor portrayed Riley Munro has an honest and supportive of others and his community, and especially the woman of his dreams is amazing. Also, I am impressed with Chris Taylor portrayal of a young girl who suffered from violence as a child and how this affected her.

Readers of The Investigator would learn about law enforcement corruption and how it can affect the law enforcement officers who are incidentally involved. Reading The Investigator, you will learn about domestic violence and the consequences for everyone who is involved. The Investigator also highlights some of the issues that Aboriginals have in the community. I recommend this book.

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