A Woman Scorned

A Woman Scorned is book three of the new series by Chris Taylor called Sydney Legal. Detective Constable James Shepherd and his partner Detective Constable Hung Wang were working the late shift when they caught a case of the murder of Doug Hanley. One morning Sally-Ann Li was rushing to get to work when she received a phone call from her Sister, Aimee, about the death of her ex-brother-in-law and the police were coming to talk to her. At first sight, Detective Constable James Shepherd and Sally-Ann Li clicked. The readers of A Woman Scorned will follow the twists and turns of Detective Constable James Shepherd investigation and will wonder if James and Sally-Ann will get together.

Wow, I loved that Chris Taylor combined two stories that entwine together and concluded with a twist that I did not expect. I enjoy the writing style of Chris Taylor and the ways she portrays her characters. Chris Taylor knows how to keep her readers glued to the pages of her books. Reading A Woman Scorned I did not guess who the murder was and it was a real shock. By reading A Woman Scorned I started to understand why some cultures can be scared of the police and Chris Taylor portray this very well. I also like that Chris Taylor describes the issues of racism and the effects it has on everyone.

Readers of A Woman Scorned will learn about police procedures. A Woman Scorned highlights the consequences when someone steals your identity. Also, readers of A Woman Scorned will learn about lie dictators and legal ramification of them.

I recommend this book.19442029_10212949551954406_8031658491087739355_o

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