Lies and Deception

Lies and Deception is book four in the Sydney Legal Series by Chris Taylor. Monica Radford wanted to have a baby, and at Monica boss’s wedding in Fiji, the perfect candidate Colby Shearer collided with her. However, After a lovely week in Fiji Monica said goodbye to Colby and through she will never see him again. However, this was not the case. Monica came face to face with Colby during her brother Tom Radford trial. The Readers of Lies and Deception will follow the twist and turns in Monica and Colby relationship and Tom Radford trial.

Wow, I loved reading Lies and Deception. I loved the way, Chris Taylor put the twist and turns in Lies and Deception, and I was unable to go to sleep until the last page was read. Chris Taylor did a great job in portraying her characters especially Monica and Colby. I also like that Chris Taylor highlighted the problems children can have after their parent’s divorce. I love the way, Chris Taylor always includes characters from previous books. While reading Lies and Deception, I did not expect who the real murder was.

The readers of Lies and Deception you will learn about courtroom procedures for both defence and the prosecution. Also, the readers will realise the problems of being deceitful for everyone involved. Reading Lies and Deceptions, you will start to understand the importance of friendship and consideration to others. Lies and Deception also highlights that having an affair behind your partner’s back is not a good idea for anyone involved.

I recommend this book!




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