The Baby Snatchers

The Baby Snatchers is book three of Sydney Harbour Hospital Series by Chris Taylor.


The Baby Snatchers is about stealing of young unmarried girls babies by telling them they had died during the night. However, the problems in the scheme started to crumble when Detective Sergeant Cameron Dawson began to investigate after his sister’s baby was reported to have died of SID during the night. However, during the investigation romance blossom between Detective Sergeant Cameron Dawson and the Midwife Georgie Whitely.

I enjoy reading The Baby Snatchers. I love the way Chris Taylor portrays her characters especially the interaction between Cameron and Cynthia. I like the way Chris Taylor describes the life as a maternity nurse. I like the way Chris Taylor ensure that her readers feel they are part of the plot. I amazed with how Chris Taylor writes about social issues in away that makes the readers start to think about the consequences of these problems on today’s society.

Reading The Baby Snatchers, I would cry, and other times I would laugh with what the main characters get up to. I was surprised by who was behind this elaborate scheme of taking young girls babies from the Sydney Harbour Hospital.

The readers of The Baby Snatchers will learn how mothers suffer when they lose their child. Also, the readers of  The Baby Snatchers will learn about youth homelessness and the consequences for young people who find themselves without a home to go to. Reading The Baby Snatchers, you will learn about how law enforcement officers conduct and gather information in a criminal investigation.

I recommend this book.










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