The Accidental Murderer

The Accidental Murderer is the first book in the new Sydney Legal Series by Chris Taylor (Author). I do not know about anyone else, but I always worry when an Author I enjoy starts a new series. However, after the first couple of pages, my fears was squashed. Wow, the Sydney Legal Series will be another great success for Chris Taylor (Author).


An Accidental Murderer is about young registered nurse called Zheng who gave an elderly patient Hydrogen Peroxide instead of cough medicine.

The reason Zheng gave the wrong medicine was that she was unable to read the label on the bottle. However, the Judge did not believe her and gave her five years in jail.

Zheng convention for manslaughter worried her lawyer Blake Harton who ask a colleague Ben Fitzgerald what could be done about the issue of nurses graduating without been able to read and write English.

An Accidental Murderer continues to follow Ben Fitzgerald investigation into the hospitals and the Richmond University Nursing School.


However, the case is not as straightforward has Blake and Ben thought, and with the added complication of Abby Brown joining the Sydney Legal Law Firm, Ben needs to keep his mind on the job. Abby Brown bought up memoirs that Ben Fitzgerald was trying to forget. Readers of An Accidental Murderer will be shocked with the conclusion of this book.

The readers of An Accidental Murderer will like the twist and turns with the case intertwine with the rekindle romance between Ben and Abby. Readers will like the way Chris Taylor (Author) portrayed the two main characters, Ben Fitzgerald and Abby Brown who knew each other when they were young teenagers with drugs and alcohol problems. An Accidental Murderer will show the readers that you can seek help and change your life after substance abuse. Amazing the way Chris Taylor (Author) smoothly combined the Sydney Harbour Hospital Series and the Sydney Legal Series together.

I recommend this book.

You can find copies of Chris Taylor’s “An Accidental Murderer.”

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