The Likeable Fraudster


The Likeable Fraudster is book nine and the last of the Sydney Harbour Hospital Series by Chris Taylor.

The readers of Likeable Fraudster will follow a rollercoaster ride with the blossom romance between Dr Jake Alexander oncologist and Dr Katrina West radiologist intertwine with finding who killed Dr Shane Cannington.

However, the readers of The Likeable Fraudster will be surprised with the hidden twist in this book and how it affected all the characters. Also, readers will be surprised by the conclusion of the Likeable Fraudster.

While I was reading The Likeable Fraudster, I learnt about the consequence for someone when you go to the police and accuse someone of a crime that they did not do. Also, readers of The Likeable Fraudster will learn about the problems and consequence when doctors get involved with drug manufacturing. Readers of The Likeable Fraudster will learn about the importance of friendship which was highlighted by Jake Alexander and Kevin Johnson.

I enjoy the way Chris Taylor portrayed her characters and how the intertwined with each other in the story. Chris Taylor does an excellent job of representing important social issues that affect our society. In The Likeable Fraudster, Chris Taylor highlights domestic violence and drug manufacturing. Also, to use the main characters Isobel Donnelly and Mason Alexander from The Perfect Husband book one of the Sydney Habour Hospital series in The Likeable Fraudster is an excellent way to finish the series.

I recommend this book.


You can find copies of Chris Taylor’s “The Likeable Fraudster”:

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