On a wet Melbourne day, I opened up my iBook and started to search for a book to read. I enjoy the genre of romantic suspense, for example, Nora Roberts. However, during my searching, I found “The Profiler” by  Chris Taylor.   I sat down in my favour chair with my dog Bossy laying beside me, and I started to read “The Profiler”, and the book hooked me after the first couple of pages.The Profiler is book one of the Munro Family Series and it about Ellie and Clayton.
 the-profiler-ebookClayton Munro is a criminal profiler with the Australian Federate Police. Clayton is a widow with a four-year-old daughter and the way Chris Taylor describe the way he let go of the death of his first wife and finds love again with Ellie.  Ellie is a policewoman in the New South Wales police force who is also trying to forget the death of her child.  The story continues to entwine these two characters lives so they can find love and closure.
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The readers of Profile will go on a rollercoaster ride with the twist and turns of the investigation into the death of young girls and the way Chris Taylor intertwine Ellie’s and Clayton’s romance into the plot.

Readers will learn about the role of profiling and how it entwines into police investigations. Also, will learn about different ways people handle grieve and how it affects their lives and of others. 
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Australian Romantic Suspense.


You can find copies of Chris Taylor’s Profiler at  –   
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